About JAM

Hello, everyone! We are Julissa and Marcia from Cocoa + JAM!

This line was created to inspire all to live life to the fullest and enjoy the journey via expressing oneself. As founders behind this t-shirt line, we love to do just that and we want to share our passion for fashion with you.

Words have a great effect on people, and what we wear can give a negative or a positive impression. Why not affect and impress in a way that represents your true self. You can never go wrong with being yourself. We are proud to be Cocoa + JAM and our love for expression through fashion drives who we are. We like to do what we love and love what we do. We think of clothes as a story and we want to help you tell yours. We are dedicated to igniting personal style and offering our customers plenty of possibilities as well as opportunities to voice their thoughts and opinions whether random, flirty, fun or serious. Always fresh, trending and special like you! Style with a voice, for all the fashion forward, free thinking people of the world!

Welcome, and don’t hesitate to take a sip of this cocoa.